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Top 5 Reasons to Buy Original Art From Independent Artists

I recently included this as part of my first newsletter and figured I'd share it here as well...

My Top 5 Reason to Buy Art from Independent Artists:

#5: We are the smallest of small businesses. We ARE our business. We are not only the maker, but also the bookkeeper, marketer, social media person, photographer, copy editor, webmaster, videographer, event organizer, shipping/receiving department, IT, customer service, and overall troubleshooter for anything and everything that can possibly go wrong.

#4: You are not just purchasing some mass-produced thing; you are purchasing the result of all of the time, training, practice, ideas, blood, sweat, tears, aggravation, elation, exhaustion, mistakes, and successes that led up to a particular creation. In an increasingly homogenous, synthetic world, original art allows you to be surrounded by things that are unique and created with genuine thought and care, rather than just another copy of some uninspired item.

#3: You can get a high-quality piece of art that will last for generations for the price of a single night out. Yes, finely crafted artwork often costs a little more, but with so much disposable junk that comes and goes, it’s nice to have something special that can stand the test of time. An actual, individual person spent time making that thing with their own two hands (or whatever they may have used… artists get creative). A person skilled in their craft will create something that people want to keep around and pass along.

#2: Jeff Bezos, the Walton family, and all those retail conglomerates already have enough money. Every single purchase from an artist is FAR more meaningful to them and to you. It always amazes me to think about someone happily spending their money on a bowl that I just created. Really, it does. Buying original art from an artist can form connections. Maybe through a piece that speaks to you and tells a story, or a collection of pieces over time that connect you to the artist’s life story as they develop, grow, and change.

And, the #1 Reason to Buy Art from Independent Artists...

Art, especially functional art, makes a perfect gift for any occasion – weddings, housewarmings, anniversaries, birthdays, or whatever. What are the odds they have one just like it? Give them something special, so they will remember YOU every time they see it… forever. Dare to stray from the gift registry and the usual sameness.

“Oh my! That Instapot is GORGEOUS! Where did you get it?” -- No one, ever

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